Al Katz

About Al Katz

    Al Katz is a classical comedian with a cynical twist who has created a different perspective on life called STEP OVER THE LINE which audiences have come to talk about.  He believes that everyone has a little borderline of humor and he likes to STEP over it.  That is like taking the hostilities in life and turning them into humor.

     Al Katz has numerous television appearances including The Today Show, Showtime Comedy Network, HBO, Comedy Central and The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Al has also appeared in the HBO production of “From the Earth to the Moon” with Tom Hanks, “Cop and a Half” with Burt Reynolds and Flex All commercials with Joe Namath.  You can also hear him on The Bob and Tom Show nationally.

     Al Katz has also headlined comedy clubs for over 25 years.  They include Comedy Zones, Improvs, Catch a Rising Star, Funny Bones, Zanies and many more as well as developing a demand in Corporate, College and Cruise Ship markets.  He has worked with many greats like Jay Leno, Dennis Miller and Robin Williams.

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