Billy Prudhomme

About Billy Prudhomme

    Billy Prudhomme is a funny, talented, and charismatic Comedy Juggler.  His act consists of sharp, skillful routines using a variety of juggling props and everyday items.  He mixes witty one-liners and hilarious audience participation bits into a perfect blend of silliness, skill, and sarcasm (not necessarily in that order!)  The humor is tasteful, the action is masterfully paced, and the entire experience has wide audience appeal. 

He’s performed on over a dozen cruise lines, onboard some of most luxurious cruise ships ever built (and let’s face it, a few crappy ones, too.)

     Although he's always felt at home in front of a live audience, he didn’t even discover his talent for juggling until he was in college.

Early on, Prudhomme worked as a street performer in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  He sharpened his craft by entertaining thousands of tourists for dozens of dollars.  But he moved up, and on.

Not long after, thrilled international audiences in Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy.  Just think how well he would have done if anybody could have understood him! 

     If your audience speaks English, AND you play your cards right, he can be a part of your entertainment program very soon.

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