Bobby Brooks Wilson

Meet Bobby Brooks Wilson

     It has been said of Bobby Brooks Wilson: “Watching this dynamic entertainer is sheer delight, as he energizes every moment on stage. His creativity and high-energy performance is magnificent as he glides through his five-octave range and moves rhythmically with the music".

   Bobby was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina by a wonderful foster mother,  who not only gave him the moral values he has today but also maintained a music influence in his life. The music was that of all the legends of country music such as Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams and the greats of the Grand Ole Opry. After serving the country in the Navy he ended his tour and found himself singing in a karaoke bar and doing part time work in Hawaii. He enjoyed what he was doing at the bar and soon became part owner. He also sang and performed on stage to many styles of music.

   One night he was approached by Peter Hernandez (Bruno Mar’s father) and was offered a chance to sing for a Doo Wop Show in Waikki Beach, Hawaii. The show was Peter Hernandez and the Love Notes Doo Wop Show. While doing the show he grew as a performer and would share the stage with Little Elvis, better known today as Bruno Mars. As Bobby’s entertainment skills grew his reputation also grew bringing in fans from all over the world. It was then he was approached by a legend in the music business, Paul Revere of Paul Revere and the Raiders. Paul was a friend of Jackie Wilson and part owner of a show called The Legends Concert. Paul told him to be ready for the show because of his likeness to Jackie Wilson. He wanted him to perform as Jackie Wilson in the show. Bobby did the research and soon became a part of the Legends Concert doing a tribute to the late great Jackie Wilson.

   After Bobby started his tribute to Jackie Wilson, the members of the family, friends and loved ones came out to the show to find out who Bobby was and where he came from. As far as these people were concerned there was only one Jackie Wilson and he was gone. This led to Bobby discovering the link to him and the family. Bobby is now recognized by the Jackie Wilson family as one of the sons, family member and the media representative for the Jackie Wilson Legacy.

   Bobby has performed all over the world and has opened and performed with the greats. Bruno Mars, the Temptations, the Four Tops, the Contours, Martha Reeve, Dion Warwick, Paul Revere and Bill Medley are just a few he has worked with on stage. The people that come out to see him perform and support his musical career make up a who’s who list in the entertainment business.

   Bobby is currently working with producer Tony Mantor and has a recording contract with Plateau Music. On his 12 song CD, Bobby will sing some of Jackie Wilson’s greatest hits. The integrity of the classic songs will be retained while imparting contemporary production values. The addition of new material will give fans of Jackie Wilson the opportunity to hear their favorite songs recorded by his son, while introducing Bobby Brooks Wilson to a new, broader audience worldwide.

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