Brian Ledbetter

"The Master of Slight of Mind"

Mindreading?  X-Ray Vision?  Telekinesis?  Second Sight?

Brian Ledbetter is the man with WILD TALENTS...

     Brian takes audiences on a grand adventure through the vast inner workings of the mind, emotions, and imagination.  His one-man show can regularly be

seen at casinos, colleges, cruise ships, corporate events, theme parks, fairs, and in theatres all over the world.

     Imagine seeing inanimate objects seemingly come to life and move using only the power of the mind. Forks bend and spoons twist into a knot. Unexplainable coincidences occur. Brian charmingly reads the thoughts of strangers he's never met. He will even tell you, with complete accuracy, the complex serial number of a dollar bill in your wallet, that he's never seen or touched.

     Brian deeply engages his audiences with subtle comedy, audience participation, feats of extraordinary mentalism, and intriguing visuals. Even the most skeptical and cynical are won over, and join in on the fun! He engagingly demonstrates that anything is possible if we are willing to

think outside the box and use our minds in non-traditional ways.  In Brian's show, anything is possible and his audiences should expect the unexpected!

     "Fascinating" is the word most often used to describe his show.  Audiences from all walks of life seem to agree: Brian is down to earth, likable, and very charismatic -- and his show is fast paced, fun, and totally amazing!

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