Dennis Blair

About Dennis Blair

     DENNIS BLAIR…Is a Renaissance man. He is an accomplished screenwriter, award-winning songwriter and comedic actor. Yet he is probably best known for the caustic observations and musical satires of his live comedy performances.

Early in his career, Rodney Dangerfield made him his protégé, and together they toured the U.S and Canada for over three years. Dennis conceived, co-wrote and appeared in Rodney’s hit movie, “Easy Money”. He also co-wrote and appeared in two Dangerfield specials on ABC, and was creative consultant for the album “Rappin’ Rodney”. The title song (which he wrote with Rodney) was nominated for a Grammy Award.

     His post-Rodney career has seen him opening for a multitude of celebrities such as Tom Jones, The Beach Boys, Natalie Cole, Garry Shandling, Joan Rivers, George Wallace, Gloria Estefan, Joy Behar, Jackie Mason, and the late, great George Carlin, with whom he toured exclusively for over eighteen years. He’s been active throughout his career in other areas, too:


  - TV appearances including “The Tonight Show” and HBO

- Co-hosted “The Stephanie Miller Show” on KTLA Radio with his friend Elayne Boosler.

- Winner of the Emmy Award for the animated film, “Confessions of a Standup”

- Two comedy CD’s: “Live Performance Anxiety” and “Words, Music and Drunks”

- Winner of the “Charlie Award” for “Best Comedian in New York”

- Starred in the Los Angeles production of “…Also Appearing”, his one-man show about his experiences as an “opening act to the stars”

- His book about that subject, entitled “Me First”, awaits publication

- Currently writing the sequel for the smash musical, “Menopause”, entitled “Menopause 2: Still Hot”  

Meanwhile, he continues to headline in comedy clubs, on cruise ships and at corporate events and to open for celebrities on tour.

     He also has revived his songwriting career with his former songwriting partner, John Durkin, recording and releasing an album of jazz originals entitled “Hapless Romantic”, as well an album of country-tinged songs entitled “Music from Big Brick”.  A song from that album, “I Miss George Jones”, reached the #2 spot in the International Independent Country Music Awards. Four of their country songs won first place in The Indie Music Channel Radio Music Awards:

“She Stayed” – Best Country Song   2016

“If You Ever Change Your Mind” – Best Classic Country Song  2017

“Making Movies” – Best Contemporary Country Song  2017

“A Long Time” – Best Classic Country Song  2018


Movies, television, radio, theaters, comedy clubs, comedy albums, music albums and award- winning songs, a book, a play…has he had his fill? 

 “As long as there are jokes and songs to be written,” says Dennis, “and as long as my family demands to be fed, I’ll be around.”

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