Mike Bliss

About Mike Bliss

                               Why hire Mike Bliss "Master of Variety"?

              "You're great! You're going to go far and make big money"!

                          - Piers Morgan, NBC's America's Got Talent!

     Your performance at our Christmas Party this year is the best we had in my 28 years at Co-Mo. It was clean entertainment and was enjoyed by everyone, Don Ernst, Assistant Manager, Co-Mo Electric Cooperative, Inc.

     Mike Bliss is a professional Comedian/Magician/Juggler/Pick-Pocket who got his start at the age of 3 (yes, 3) when he saw a kid cut a string in half and "restore" it. He thought, "That's cool?! You're not supposed to be able to do that!" He began to study magic books from the library (with his parents' help on the "big words") and practicing on his brothers. When he turned 5, he saved his parents some money by perfoming his first magic show for his own 5th B-Day Party! 

     Today, Mike has been entertaining for over 25 years all across the country from Miami, FL, to Fairbanks, AK, to the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, to Cancun, to Honolulu, to Tahiti, to Headlining his own show in Branson, MO! He was also voted "Branson's Specialty Act of the Year"! Mike's TV credits include Fox's 30 Seconds to Fame! and NBC's America's Got Talent!

     Besides being an Award Winning Solo Performer for over 25 years, on special occasions, Mike's two oldest boys (Zachary 12 & Stephen 11) join him in the juggling and a one-of-a-kind Mind Reading Act!

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